Students Say:

Student testing Skynet’s new website and 20-meter diameter radio telescope (both under development).

“It’s inexpensive, fun, and educational. Besides, it’s cool to sit on the couch, entering observation requests to telescopes in the Chilean Andes, watching a PROMPT telescope exposing your image in real time, then looking at the finished image seconds later — all from a smartphone.”

—Jon Paul Wakamatsu

“I think Skynet is downright amazing! I envision the telescopes being tasked by amateur astronomers around the world.  They really enable anyone to get involved.”

—Samantha Schneider

“I think it’s an amazing project that you guys undertook and even more that you’ve shared this ability for students and colleagues to request their own observations.”

—Johnathan Howard

“It is amazing that one can sit at a computer and remotely access these telescopes and receive images back in very little time.  This lab comes highly recommended.”

—Chandler Fry

“I had so much fun and couldn’t wait until I got my images back!  I have really enjoyed this class, but this really made me want to continue classes in astronomy!”

—Sarah Chatham

“It’s always cool to google pictures from space, but to have actually gotten the picture yourself makes the whole experience even better!”

—Michelle Kern

“It’s nothing like googling an image!  It’s amazing and so many people don’t get the opportunity to do this so we should take advantage and use it!”

—Sarah Chatham

“I love getting the images back; it makes me feel as though I’m a real astronomer.  The images are spectacular.  I definitely recommend the lab to all those who are not taking it.”

—Mary Howell