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CTIO Telescopes Back Online

PROMPT telescopes at CTIO are back online after a 7-month shutdown.

PROMPT5 Discovery of DLT17u/AT 2017cbv Type Ia Supernova

Congratulations to L. Tartaglia (TTU, UC Davis), D. Sand, S. Wyatt (TTU), S. Valenti, K. A. Bostroem (UC Davis) for their discovery of the brightest type Ia supernova thus far this year.  It was initially detected on March 10, 2017 in NGC 5643 during PROMPT5's nightly surveying campaign and is now brighter than magnitude 12 making it an excellent target for both professional and amateur astronomers around the world.

Discovery report:

2016 STEM Career Showcase for Students with Disabilities

Tia Bertz and Chris Mathews are two incredible Skynet Junior Scholars who attended the 2016 STEM Career Showcase for Students with Disabilities yesterday at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.  We could not be more proud of them and their accomplishments.  You can watch their presentations below.

Successful Telescope Installation - PROMPT-AUGOII-1

Though a partnership with the Athabasca University and a generous donation from Dr. Ryan Boland of Savannah, Georgia,  Skynet deployed a 16-inch RCOS telescope in Alberta Canada.  Expect to see the new system come online within the next month.

Robert Martin Ayers Science Fund

The Robert Martin Ayers Science Fund is sponsoring at least 100 hours of observations with the PROMPT telescopes for researchers and students not at PROMPT Collaboration institutions.  Preference will be given to those at institutions without comparable facilities and resources.  For more information,  you can download the proposal form here: