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The 20 Meter Telescope has two receivers that can be interchanged.  Normally the L-band receiver is on the telescope. This receiver operates over a frequency range of  about 1300- 1800 MHz.  Right now, the X-band receiver is up.  It operates over a range of 8000-10000 MHz.

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20 Meter Telescope Receiver repairs

  • March 29, 2018 - 17:57:04
Dear Skynet Users,

The 20 Meter Telescope is down for repairs. The cyro refrigerator has been sucessfully replaced and we expect to re-install the receiver on the telescope soon on a day where
there is no rain.  Hoping for early next week.

We have been doing some software tests, and this has allowed jobs
to sometimes run on the system even though there is no receiver.
Thus although there appear to be results on the web, the data is
I list the ones that we know about that ran on March 27 and 28.
You need to re-run these after
the telescope is back to full operation thanks.

Name of observation   User name    ID
--------------------  ----------   -----
 lil_injera           nyuad        32692
 crab_nebula          slk0014      32616
 moon                 edg0008      32228


LATITUDE: 38.437 degrees
LONGITUDE: -79.826 degrees
ELEVATION: 835 meters
TELESCOPES: GreenBank-20,